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Most Innovative Companies in 2012


Innovative Companies are highly valued in the stock market. Why do we need innovation? Is it simply for combating the world challenges? This question often pops up in my curious mind for which I am eager to find a solution. It’s quite interesting to see how the advent in technology continues to influence our lifestyle. A decade ago, nobody had a clue about the extent to which internet will evolve to produce social media websites and the famous Skype that are transforming imagination into a reality. most-innovative-companies We all love technology, either directly or indirectly it benefits us. Innovation is a necessity to open doors of progress, today our classrooms and learning methodologies have greatly evolved with the advent in technology. We do not necessarily need to be in the university campus to attend our lectures thanks to the video conferencing, now students from foreign countries could attend and interact with a teacher during his live lectures.

Make Money from Blogging without Advertisements


Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. For a large majority of blogs displaying adverts is the principle revenue source, but in our today’s tutorial we are going to share how you could make money from blogging without relying too heavily on advertisements. As per earning through displaying advertisements is concerned Google Adsense works best. During the last couple of years Adsense has gone too hard on its publishers disabling their accounts for no reason. Instead of hatching all the eggs into a single basket, one should spread his wings diversifying the income sources so that any loss of earning program may not have a wide impact on overall earnings.

Google Page Rank Update November 2012


Its official the internet giant Google has finally rolled out the fourth and final Page Rank Update of 2012. After keeping us waiting for four months Google has finally slapped our faces in November earlier with the ugly “Google Panda” and now with the unfair PR Update. This update came on 8th November 2012 and already several webmasters are sharing the favorable results this update brought for their websites. For us, this PR update seems to be rather a sarcastic one, where a majority of high authority websites have observed a decline in the PR Value.

Widescreen Wallpapers HD Collection


The users should download Widescreen Wallpapers in HD quality to spice up their desktop screens. The wallpaper usually describes mood, personality, likes & dislikes of a person so users often get choosy when selecting an appropriate one that fits their style. There are many designers who have rolled out stylish and exciting wallpapers for widescreens that help users giving a new look to their dashboard screens. Here we have collected 20 Best High Resolution Widescreen Wallpapers in HD quality that will make your screens more appealing.